SisterBoss is an artful sound company

We have a bunch of really nice recording studios with really nice gear that we use to make advertising sound exquisite.

Like artisanal dessert for your ears.


In 2002 Ken Brahmstedt and Carl White founded Brahmstedt White Noise (BWN), a music and sound company in Minneapolis serving the advertising community. As part of the film and video post production house Hi-Wire, the brand flourished and in 2006 BWN was well positioned to become an independent entity. Annie Sparrows joined later that year to produce for the thriving company.

Nine years later, with a busy mix operation filling three studios, original music activities and a full fledged music catalog to maintain, it became clear that the sound arts and music efforts needed independence to best operate and evolve.  At the end of 2015, BWN divided to create two new companies: Black Label Music and SisterBoss. Black Label Music, led by Ken Brahmstedt, continues to deliver innovative music. SisterBoss, led by Carl White and Annie Sparrows, focuses on elevating all things sound related. 

SisterBoss and Black Label Music continue to co-locate and collaborate with full integration of sound and music services. As independents, the two companies will go on exceeding expectations and expanding their reach while always remaining available to clients and friends in Minneapolis.



SisterBoss / 10 S 5th St. Suite 1101, Minneapolis, MN 55402 / 612.252.3990