Annie Sparrows / Partner + Producer

Annie grew up in Fargo / Moorhead with a bedroom window that looked straight out at a drive-in movie theater. They could tune those movies in on the radio & she got to watch E.T. from the comfort of her very own back porch.  At a young age she realized one could use that same radio to tune in music stations inside the house and she became obsessed with Rick Dee's weekly top 40 & hit makers such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper.

As she moved towards her teen years, cable television and MTV (which was "banned" of course) would introduce her to to the glories of punk & metal. She got really into “driving around”, “partying”, and muscle cars. At 17 she moved to Minneapolis & worked at historic First Avenue nightclub where her vision of hanging out with more “bands” and “cool people” really came together. She built up the nerve to start singing out loud in front of strangers, bought a guitar to go with her ’74 Dodge Dart Sport 360 and was in a bunch of bands that toured all over for a bunch of years.

In 2006 Annie realized tour life wasn't probably going to be sustainable for a lot longer, so she took a day job at this very studio making background music for commercials, and figuring out what they meant when they said she would be their "producer" (No, not the kind that makes rap music. The glorified secretary kind). Looking for jobs is hard and nobody else wants to be in charge so Carl gave her part of his company and she is still here.