Dan Kramer / Engineer

12 Facts About Dan Kramer that Will Totally Change the Way You Listen to Dave Matthews Band:

  1. Named Troubadour of the century by “Nu-Bard Quarterly” six years running.

  2. Known for underwhelming audiences at the 1998 Pandimensional Flan mimicry tournament.

  3. Criticized Johnny Depp harshly for his 2003 PreOscar Night Meal™ choice.

  4. PanActualized Stress Management Guru.

  5. Inventor/developer of the marvelous “Magnetic Glove”.

  6. Owns one of the largest unused rope ladder collections in the Twin Cities.

  7. Enjoys moss and mossy coverings.

  8. Leading expert on fictional bipedal stride length measurement technique.

  9. Hardened by countless battles with the forgotten usurper known by the ancient ones as “Kal-heath Yer samek” and its legions of soulless automaton creations.

  10. Famously coined the phrase “Ongoing”.

  11. Enjoys the lost art of brick lined mausoleum mushroom poetry critique.

  12. Brought a bunch of liquor to that party.