Dan Jensen / Engineer

Dan (or Jensen as he's called around here because there was already a different Dan) grew up in Bismarck, ND. He started recording his friends’ bands in the basement of his parents' home when he was 15 using the cheapest mixer, microphones and 8 track he could get with his Taco Bell paycheck. He moved to Minneapolis 4 years later to go to school for music production and realize his destiny. And also to get out of Bismarck. 14 years later he's still recording music at studios, practice spaces and dive bars.  

Jensen has made records for black metal bands, bluegrass bands, fellas in suits and gals in heels, and those experiences have enriched his resourcefulness and perspective at his day job here as a post production engineer and sound designer. He is an honest, technically minded problem solver whose process also encourages artfulness.  He likes to keep the vibe high so the process is fun and naturally creative, helping his clients arrive at the end of their projects with the feeling that their brilliant work of art just sort of happened while they were having a nice time.