Laurel Turek / Producer

Laurel was raised by a english major turned research chemist and a photographer turned nuclear engineer in the wilds of Western Pennsylvania. She grew up loving all the arts, studiously avoiding piano practice, playing the viola, and dreaming of being a ballet dancer. When that fell through she dropped out of college, moved to San Francisco, fell off a motorcycle and helped found an anarchist collective coffee shop back here in Minneapolis.

After a long career of trying to be cool and avoiding sunlight, in 2011 she found herself with a 9-5 gig at the front desk of BWN Music. After two weeks she asked “so what exactly do we actually DO here?” and thus embarked on a new career path learning to love all things audio.

On Working at SisterBoss:

I love it when a plan comes together - like the A-Team. The thrill of being a producer is getting all the moving parts to work seamlessly. To make the impossible not only possible but appear effortless, and come in under budget. I live for making every job and every client feel taken care of and letting the talents of our engineers shine. Working with this smart, fun, audio obsessed crew makes doing my job so much easier.

I’ve lived by luck for a lot of my life and finding this place, with these colleagues and clients, and having the opportunity everyday to learn a profession that challenges and interests me feels like winning the lottery. Except with a lot less money.